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Experience Youthfulness at Yelka Day Spa

Jois facial - $165
The purest, most natural, and clinical facial you will ever have!

DNA apple ferulic C facial - $160
For hyperpigmented, acneic and mature skin types. The apple mask gets warm, then cools and then firms and tightens!

Bluberry dna facial - $150
Restore vitality to dry / dehydrated skin with Resveratrol, DNA & RNA in a blueberry based facial treatment.

Pearl silk collagen facial - $155
Treat your skin like Cleopatra. Fight excessive dryness and loss of firmness. Give your skin a little bling treatment!

Lavender thermal - $155
Anti-aging facial with stimulating warmth that increases circulation, brightens the complexion, and firms tired skin!

Collagen infusion + C - $130
Plant collagen enables the skin to hold higher levels of moisture while 20% Vitamin C maintains boosts cell performance levels.

Clarifying confidence - $140
Have clearer skin without the pills and harsh products. Our Clarifying Confidence Program is very successful.

Refreshing elixir - $95
A customized blend for your skin condition, simple and to the point. This facial is perfect during your lunch hour.

Glycolic, lactic, salicylic, apple or pumpkin peel - $20
Enhance any facial with a more effective exfoliating treatment. Your skin will be glowing extra brighter!

Experience Total Renewal

There are alternatives to injections and surgery! Aging is is the book for us all. But, the trick is to do it with class and grace.

Ultimate decadence - $760
This is for the individual that needs a completely new and fresh beginning for their skin, body and mind. You'll be glowing, lifted, firmed, detoxified and centered. Plan on being here for three hours.

Experience Time Reversal

Lumi 12 lift - $150
Firm, tighten, lift, and smooth with no down time. Complete photo-rejuvenation combined with bioelectrical currents re-educate the muscle tissue.

Lumi 12 light
- $150
Combining pure spectrums of light through extreme super luminous light emitting diodes. Blue, green, yellow, and red specrums can clear uo acne, reduce pigmentation, detoxify, and increase collagen cell growth. This is the most efficient and powerful system available today!

Micro dermabrasion especial -  $175
You might have had micro dermabrasion before but not like this. We have an extra step that no one else performs which enhances your new youthful glow.

Myotonology eye rejuv
- $95
Get of those puffy, saggy, tired eyes without going under the knife. Add this to any facial for only $75.

Myotonology face rejuv - $175
Similar to Lumi 12 Lift this treatment uses patented micro-current to specifically focus on each individual facial muscle but without the photo-rejuvenation that Lumi 12 Lift provides.


Finishing Touches

Makeup is used to enhance our features. It also gives us confidence in our appearance while making us feel and look more radiant and beautiful. Our makeup artist will create drama to your eyes and more desirable glow to your face.

Special occasion makeup application - $65
Whether attending a sporting event or an evening gala, a range of colors are available to create allure of glamour, drawing attention to you, not to your makeup.

Makeup lesson - $95
This session gives you ability to learn how to apply your own makeup for any occasion.

Wedding makeup with preliminary session - $195
Two makeup sessions, both at YDS. For more details and pricing please call 650.969.1117



Intensify the color of your lashes and brows with a vegetable tint. Especially wonderful for athletes, swimmers, and anyone sensitive to mascara.

  • Lash tint - $30
  • Brow tint - $20


Our waxing is the quickest, most effective and comfortable technique for you to keep your skin silky, touchable and hair free.

* Hair growth should be approximately 1/4 " long.
* Waxing services cannot be performed on clients taking Accutane, Retin A, or any antibiotics due to the sensitivity of the skin.
* Please allow 24 hours before sun bathing or using the tanning bed before waxing.

  • brow design and styling lesson - $45
  • brow maintenance with wax/tweezers - $30 / $35
  • lip or chin - $15
  • underarms - $30
  • full arms / half arms - $45 / $35
  • full leg / half leg - $85 / $45
  • bikini - $35 - $55
  • brazilian - $75 -$95
  • full back / half back - $75 - $45       

Nail Care

Your Spa experience will not be complete without the finishing touch of beautiful hands and feet. All of our nail services are performed in a private room.
  • manicure - $19
  • spa manicure - $45
  • french manicure - $25
  • french spa manicure - $52
  • full set - $55
  • fills - $28
  • pedicure - $35
  • spa pedicure - $60
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